• Wooden Chest of Drawers #4

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  • I bought my first set of labelled drawers at auction when I was in my late teens. I have always enjoyed organising my collections in my own way, giving them all a place to live, in some state of organised chaos and accessible when required. My studio is home to 6 different drawers, each containing objects & treasures that I am constantly referring back to for paint colours, material references, product design and interior projects. I may struggle to recall last week’s incidents but I have a better memory for where each of these objects live, thanks to my many labelled drawers.

    Find a labelling system that works best for you; attach hardware with a label slot (like the Major Drawer Pull), tie on a paper tag, stencil on some painted numbers, attach the Society Numbers or stick on some tags made with a label punch.

    232H x 122W x 43D cm

    Choose your own hardware! We can help you customise the cabinet by choosing an appropriate drawer pull style from our range to add onto the cabinet's drawers. Drawer pulls are included in the cabinet price.

    Vintage piece sourced from India

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