• Rain of Leaves #13

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  • My heart broke for the losses both human & natural as a result of the devastating fires across our country over the past Summer. I particularly thought of the workshops & studios for heritage trades, craftspeople & artisans that have been impacted by the fires - the loss of specialty tools & materials, places of work, personal histories and projects. The recovery process is so much more than just a recreation of physical spaces, but the rebuilding of trade and livelihoods.

    One of my dear friends and collaborators, blacksmith Saul Tomkins of Colo Forge, is one of those trades that has been struggling over this season. After battling through 6 weeks of threatening fires, his forge was hit with the flash floods that resulted from the deluge following the fires.

    In wanting to help Saul regain his feet, I have created a limited range of paintings which I am selling to help raise some funds for the forge. Depicting the blackened leaves that rained down earlier this year, I painted with my own handmade watercolours made from pigments responsibly taken from the Earth, along with gum acacia foraged by Ken Wallis and ground bushfire ash collected by firefight Joel Knight.

    All proceeds from the painting sale will go to Colo Forge. Each painting is unique, on thick watercolour art paper and comes unframed. Measures approximately A4 size.

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