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    Merchants & Traders came about whilst I was travelling in Syria: the colours of the desert are reflected in these oasis towns, all muted neutrals, beaten metal vessels, basalt striped walls of the caravanserai, canvas stretched over roads the width of carts, shiny strong coffee beans found in the Spice souk & the soft silvery green of olive leaves and pistachios.

    Here you find honest&humble materials; wood, leather, slate, iron, steel, rope, dirt, paper, stone, cement, hand blown glass, mud bricks, haystacks, felt, canvas & burlap. The names of each colour are in honour of these ancient crafts & the master craftsmen that tinker, smith, turn & spin these materials into the beautiful tools & objects that we use daily.

    TO ORDER | Please contact Murobond directly to order paint quantities. They will be able to help you with quantities needed for your project and the various finishes available.

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