• Iron Pan, Small

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  • Size: Small ‰öÉ18 handle 18cm

    åÊPlease note these can only be used on a gas range and cannot be used with an electric heating element.

    Care instructions for Fog Linen Iron Pot/Pan:

    Before you start using the pot/pan,åÊplease make sure to get rid of the coating (this is done to avoid the rust prior is being used).

    First you need to burn the pot/pan on the stove at high temperature until all the coating is burnt off. Make sure all part of the pot/pan is heated through. Once the surface of the colour of pot/pan has changed, leave it to cool down.

    Wash the pot/pan with a soap and warm water and let dry it thoroughly.

    Add oil and cook some vegetables to get rid of the rest of the coating. Do not eat the first lot of vegetable cooked in it, as it will have residue of the coating. Throw away the first lot of vegetable and wait for the pot/pan to cool down.

    Wash the pot/pan well with the soap and warm water again. Leave it to dry.

    Apply oil inside and outside of the pot/pan. Then wipe it down with kitchen paper towel.

    The pot/pan is now ready to use. Remember to oil the surface of the pot/pan after every use and wash to avoid rust.

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