• Flotsam Rack

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  • The Flotsam and Jetsam Racks are the first in The Society inc range to bring a softer look in a gentle nickel finish paired with cane. With pale driftwood that washes up on the shore in mind, these racks bring with them an element of the beach into interiors.

    82cm length, 6cm height, 8cm depth, 1.5cm rod diameter, 80.8cm screw point width

    Finish: nickel & cane

    Good for: utensil rack, bathroom rack (be careful not to leave sopping wet items over time) oversize drawer pull, pots and pans drawer pull, oversize wardrobe pull


    Best not to leave wet things on cane for extended pieces but it does naturally patina with hands & oils. Wet hands only add to the richness of the patina however wet towels with no air flow will mould over time

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