• Crosby Bracket

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  • There’s a pocket of streets in NYC where some of my favourite hotels & shops can be found. On Crosby St you’ll find the hotel of the same name, all old world charm on the quiet cobbled-stone roads of SoHo. This small shelf bracket pays ode to such hotels housed in historic cast-iron buildings. Use singularly for a small wall shelf or line up several for long shelves.

    DIMENSIONS | 10cm high x 6.8cm wide x 11cm deep. Sold Individually.

    MATERIAL | powder-coated white aluminium

    GOOD FOR | wall shelf

    WHERE TO USE | indoor. Wet rooms but not with regular water exposure

    INSTALLATION NOTES | Comes with screws. Screws aren’t self-tapping so we recommend giving them a head start by pre-drilling. To prevent damaging the powder-coat finish we recommend INSTALLING BY HAND with a screwdriver after pre-drilling screw holes. Due to the handmade nature of this product, dimensions may vary slightly and it’s recommended to measure each fitting individually before fixing.

    CARE NOTES | be careful not to chip or scratch the powder-coat finish with abrasive materials.

    Designed in Australia, made in India

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