• Become A Pirate Vessel

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  • Even if you are already a pirate this is the gift for you or perhaps you know someone that needs a little more ‘arrrrggghh’ in their life. Made by the most classic of the metals, sheets of brass that are rolled & folded to perfection and based on an old bread tin of mine.

    Measurements: 20L x 11.5w x 4d cm.

    Finish: brass 



    Our products are hand forged using honest & humble materials. Their imperfections, patinas and variations are intrinsic to the underlying importance of craftsmanship within India.  

    Our brass will patina & age over time,  this ever-changing characteristic makes the object even more beautiful. 

    Linseed oil or penetrol can be used on all of our blackened steel to keep it rich & dark in colour. This will also prevent & remove any rust which may build up over time in coastal or wet environments. Dot a rag with penetrol & massage into the steel for 3-5 minutes & leave to dry. We recommend a few coats over the life of the product

    Our raw leather products are designed to age & darken over time. We love when the story of the user & their environment is imprinted on our products. Oxalic acid can be used to wipe down your raw leather to remove any dark stains or spills. A little goes a long way! 

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