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  • 1803 knives have a distinctly rugged, Australian aesthetic that celebrates the character of natural antler and the traditional forging process. The antlers are naturally shed by red deer on a farm near Orange NSW, then collected to be shaped and crafted to fit around carbon steel blades which are hand forged in the historic Tharwa Valley ACT. The knives are produced in small runs, with no antler or blade alike, making a truly unique & special product.

    The Kitchen Knife features a 15cm sheep-foot blade with a rounded nose. The rustic hand-forged carbon steel blade has a full tang through the length of the handle to provide stability, balance and weight. It is set between formed scales of red deer antler and fixed with three brass nails. Antler feels good in the hand, while also providing additional grip when wet.

    Knives made from carbon steel will patina and tarnish, this is part of the blade’s inherent, rustic beauty. Please follow the care guide provided to maintain your knife in premium condition.

    Measurements: 26 × 2 × 4 cm

    Length of Blade: 15cm

    Height of Blade: 4.5cm

    Length of Handle: 12cm

    Due to the nature of antler, each knife is unique and will vary from the ones pictured.

    PLEASE NOTE we are unable to ship knives internationally.

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