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    Travellers & Magicians speaks volumes of my musings and imaginings when planning a photo shoot or decorating a space. One day I’m transported back to a famous and revolutionary dance company in Paris, the next I’m flying through the skies on the wings of a native bird or drawing on my own real life, globetrotting adventures. Eventually my world of make-believe becomes a reality and a new colour palette and styling theme emerges. I travelled to Uzbekistan & beyond with my mum & walked part of the well-trodden path of the ancient silk route. It was easy to imagine the kaleidoscopic sight travellers would have made arriving into a caravanserai set against the desert oasis backdrop of dusty roads and the characters you would have met: merchants, fortune tellers&seers, puppeteers, camel drivers, falconers, tinsmiths, pilgrims & storytellers.

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