• Objet Trouve

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    Objet Trouvé was inspired by Transylvania; a region in Romania, a country of its own at another time in history, and an example of the fluid maps and ever changing borders of the world. My romantic vision of Transylvania is filled with gypsies in colourfully painted caravans, layered skirts, horse whispering and music. I visited at the beginning of spring, when it was as if the whole world was about to bloom. The days were warm and cloudless, crisp in the morning and fresh. The landscape was a vision of soft, muted colours. I can only imagine how different my colour palette would have been if I had come just two weeks later.

    Wooden limed houses with terracotta roofs are washed in a variety of pastels: azure blue, yellow Monday, sienna, tangerine, magenta, pinks, salmon, soft mustard, dirty green, mint, lichen, sky blue, grey, maroon and lilac. This softness spoke throughout our travels and influenced this colourful & fresh palette. In Transylvania, the Objet Trouvé palette unknowingly surrounded me wherever I cast my eyes.

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