There is an extraordinary synergy between interior design and fashion, and so it seems a pity to hide clothes behind closed doors. We all have pieces that tell a story, whether due to the design of the garment, the reason for purchase, or a place it was worn. My advice is to display some of your beloved pieces for all to see. Note: study fashion with an interior stylist’s eye and you’ll discover common threads for you to reproduce at home


Fashion can be brought into your home in unexpected ways if you think beyond its literal incarnations. Look to the work of wallpaper master Deborah Bowness – appearances may suggest I have hung a red dress up on the wall, but her trompe l’oeil panel instead keeps that dress in a two-dimensional world.


Thinking outside the box when it comes to your notions of what constitutes wall art can bring strong personality to your interiors. A delicate cardigan with a sparkling clasp and fox-fur collar adds so much texture to a bare expanse of wall. Put your special pieces on a pedestal and celebrate them on and off your shoulders.

Bowerbird by Sibella Court (The Society inc.) Photography Chris Court (42)

And it’s not just the garments themselves that offer inspiration. I’m quite drawn to the multitude of different shapes & makes of coat hanger. These timber & wire pieces become sculptural in their own right and can be used to display amulets, garlands & beautiful scarves, or even just become a feature of their own, showing off their varied silhouettes.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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