I have just returned from the heart of the trade winds, the Maldives.

You may know of my constant references to sea exploration: a romanticised version of pirates & buccaneers. Well, it was time to see for myself the place where Dampier recorded & named the winds that made for swift & speedy traverse from the Phillipines to Mexicos. With ships laden with trinkets, treasures & souvenirs to trade once back in home port.

I am working on the look & design of a luxury resort which does not yet exist. The only restriction at this point, is no structure or building is to be higher than the tallest tree. I am going to tap into my resources & memory of my many years globetrotting to amazing locations, to create an environment that you desire to visit, feel you could move in upon arrival & take home as inspiration to incorporate into your own home & everyday life.

I am going to draw on some of my favourite locations & past interiors including Coqui Coqui in Tulum, Amansara in Cambodia, Donna Karan’s Hamptons House & the Islander Resort in Islamorada plus a good dose of history reference of what discoveries & marvels were being unearthed with the fresh new eyes at the time of the Tradewinds.

It will be a place that sits comfortably in its environment, using local materials & a sense of discovery & surprise (think tree houses, forts, tents) with a healthy respect for the natural surrounds to provide the rambles & paths that will make up the footprint. I will most definitely be using my past palette of the same name, Tradewinds.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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