Improvisation can offer both low-budget and remarkable options for designing a room. In this loose interpretation of a wardrobe, clothes are hung on the back of an unused door left leaning against the wall. The wide steps of the ladder provide shelving, while the narrower rungs can be used for draping jewellery, scarves and other accessories.
In Galapagos, I visited an old stone stacked house, now a restaurant, that was surrounded by water. We arrived by boat and, as we touched down, were greeted with these simple coils of ropes as mats. Genius! This was one of the many ideas I brought home with me.
I picked up this ancient crumbly roof tile from an abandoned barn south of Dublin when I was on a shoot for an American magazine. I used the original holes in the slate to attach it over the top of some pretty average kitchen tiles and now use it for Smith’s Lake Nan’s pancake recipe, which are really crepes.
My approach to flower arranging is: if it holds water, consider it a vase. Seek out old condiment jars and bottles, antique milk glass, tarnished silver trophies _ the options and shapes are endless.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 28, 2019

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