I don’t think I have always noticed floors in the detail that I do now. Though I have always considered how a material feels underfoot. As I scroll through my pics from the past ten years, I notice how I often I look down & take the time to photograph these textures & materials from around the world. From the geometric, almost optical marble floors of churches through Italy to the pebbles of Greece, the wooden parquetry of Parisian maisons & even the white & blue glass terrazzo of the LAX airport! I have taken this interest to the next step (no pun intended) and have embraced the threshold.

Not only am I intrigued by the material but also how a pattern can change & a threshold become a useful tool. No longer does one have to sit in a doorway. This area can be designed to break up a space, differ its function, allow for a floor pattern change or just for aesthetic. Instead of worrying about which way the floorboards run, don’t hesitate to change them with a threshold at the appropriate place. It can be the same material as the floor or perhaps a way of introducing another material or even colour.

Thresholds can be applied to both your interior & exterior. Lay a sleeper into the turf or use a crushed shell that makes up your garden or outdoor area. They have a way of creating intimacy & subtlety.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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