My wandering archives of objects are speckled with treasures found scouring through the marketplace & my favourite boutiques of India. The beautiful objects which return home in my suitcase so often provide inspiration for the products I am in the midst of developing on my design desk.

Beautiful textiles smelling of spices & rich in colour, hand forged metal trinkets, & beautifully hand made garments are but a few treasures which have returned home with me. 

In my suitcase to India you will find:

Love Delhi Guide by Fiona Caulfield, hand guide for the luxury vagabond and will be the best travel guide of India’s regions that you will ever possibly own. The book celebrates Indian luxury and pays homage to India’s rich craft legacy being completely hand-made in India.

The Mercer Bag – For treasure collecting at the markets & keeping toiletries hanging in one place whilst hotel hopping.

Talisman bracelet – Protection for travel.

Aesop Resurrection rinse-free hand wash, Delhi has extreme weather and can get very, very hot & polluted. A great way to feel revived when fresh water is not handy.

Safari 21″ Trolley Case in Ivory/Natural – Pays homage to the timeless elegance of travel in the late 1920s & is an elegant vessel for the modern adventurer to store all of their discoveries.

OLO fragrance Lightning Paw– My scent for reminiscing on days gone by in New Delhi.

A Tincture Clipboard – For taking notes whilst at all of my favourite stop-in’s & keeping my travel papers together!

Written by Amber TSI Byron — October 25, 2019

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