There is not much in the way of sightseeing in Dungapur but this is all you need! About a 10-15 minute drive from Udai Bilas Palace this was the residence of Harsh’s great grandfather & his family from C.13th. Here you find the ancient Keeper of Keys and start to climb this ancient fort palace. Every room is a stand out & very different from the last – it’s hard to pick a favourite: the painted room with chevron columns, the fine mirror & glass work, the antique mirror floor, the Willow pattern plates embedded in the wall, the crazy mosaic ceramic rooftop terrace floor or the vista of the colourfully painted village seen through the keyhole windows & ancient purdah carved stone screens. And don’t miss the erotica cupboard that makes the ancient Key keeper’s eyes twinkle as he hands you a torch & indicates you to climb in!


This hidden gem of a place is most definitely off the well-trodden tourist path of Udaipur. We drove 3+ hours from Udaipur for a half way overnighter en route to The Calico Museum in Ahmedabad.

A folly in all the good ways! The oldest part of the palace dates back to C.17th & then a major overall between 1930-40’s. We had room 8, more a series of rooms of gigantic proportions overlooking a lake & temple. This is more sprawling home than hotel that sleeps 44 guests with vintage wallpaper from 1941 and handpicked pieces from generations of the one family including the Art Deco club chairs in our room. All rooms have the original carpet, wallpaper & furniture layout from the last renovation in 1930’s – it is a living time capsule.

An extravagant central courtyard & fountain of very fine hand carved marble & local stone that was the central feature of an earlier frisky Maharaja’s pleasure palace that looked seductively over the lake to entertain all his girlfriends! The addition of a pool in the 30’s is made for parties, shut your eyes & you can easily imagine a scene from The Great Gatsby – elephants spouting water, fountains & miniature temples all lite & magic. It encourages the idea of weekend parties with your closest friends for weekend shenanigans & mischief. The family continues to live here & will retain it as an intimate hotel with the current Maharaja, Harsh hosting drinks in his car museum with a private bar. Visit Udai Bilas Palace


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Written by Amber TSI Byron — October 28, 2019

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