The first floor includes reception, restaurant, relaxing areas and an outstanding shop which contains limited edition Air Jordans, Greek sandals, vintage lighting, a crocheted change room, tableware, rugs, leather-wrapped eskies and coolers, Marrakshi Life clothing, hats, bags & high end sunglasses. Everything is for sale and you get the feeling the owners love to replenish stock so don’t be afraid to ask.

The hotel houses nine rooms that run off one side of a long corridor covered in Moroccan rugs (Soufiane Zarib’s for sure!) with numbers spray painted on the doors. All the rooms have verandahs overlooking the cove and surrounding cliffs & caves. Moroccan tiles line the walls in all their beautiful hues, complimented by terracotta floors and layers of punchy but not in-your-face linen on the beds. It’s quirky, it’s personal and it works.

The communal spaces make you feel right at home with mixed seating choices from low to dining to bar height, with an array of Fermob chairs, handmade army tarp beanbags, African wooden stools, campaign-inspired daybeds. 1960s raffia fringe umbrellas dancing in the breeze keep the sun off as do the woven Moroccan shade covers.

Explore a little as there is a great collection of plants around the sides of the hotel and a lovely roadside garden. There are zodiacs or more romantic wooden boats with shades to hire to visit the greater surrounding bay areas or if your stay is too windy (like ours was) take the paddleboats or kayak around the sheltered cove which still has plenty to investigate itself. One can also snorkel the clear waters or take the walk that runs around dramatic coastline to the northern most tip and checkout the Punta des Moscarter, Ibiza’s tallest lighthouse painted in black & white candy stripe.

Its 1960s patio after stocking up in Marrakech and living in the Kasbah kind of vibe makes Los Enamorados one of the coolest, casual, chic-est hotels I have ever stayed at. It’s done so well that you definitely want to buy into this lifestyle.

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Written by Amber TSI Byron — October 25, 2019

Warehouse 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters 2044
Monday - Saturday 10am-4pm