I’m a devotee of all things old and often even broken. Give me a a second-hand store or an auction over a day at the mall. Invite me into your attic or let me loose at a flea market and I’m happy.

My love of pre-loved objects is twofold. First, the patina of age give so many things – fabric, furniture and paper, tableware and ceramics, wood and metal – unique textural and colour markings.

Look at the way a silver tea set tarnishes or the linen on a hardback book fades in the sun. Feel the crumbling paint on a second-hand chair or the smooth handle on an old hammer. These imperfections are hard to mass-produce and the marks of age tell a story of a life lived.


This is my second reason for being drawn to things of old. I look at tea-cup stains on a table and wonder what conversations occurred around it.  I pick up a discarded leather suitcase from an op-shop and imagine the journeys it’s been on. So many stories, so many styling opportunities.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 25, 2019

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