As a constant globetrotter, something that has really excited me over the last couple of years is the change of function, perception of & understanding of the Lobby. No longer is it a place of whispers & old newspapers, attached to sad hotel bar with resident barfly’s & sleazy one-liners.

The Lobby is now pumping, full of life, multi-purpose & downright genius! Let me use The Ace in NYC as an example.

Not only is restaurant, The Breslin attached (always busy & designed by the very clever team: Roman & Williams) but it has a corner bar, long tables ready for computers (and drinks later on), free wi-fi, a flowershop & the all important coffee bar, Stumptown. The design is fantastic, there are lots of different seating options where you can eat, drink, hang, meet & greet. The Lobby invites everyone- guests do get some privileges like the free wi-fi but otherwise its a vibe-y, free for all that can be super busy on weekends (note to self).

I am going to use this idea in the renovation of the Establishment lobby & Tank Stream Bar: I’ll keep you posted!

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 28, 2019

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