The Society Inc by Sibella Court is excited to introduce the Henry Mercer Collection. After years of scouring the globe collecting treasures and bits n’ bobs, Sibella has mustered an archive of objects and arcane trades as magical and inspiring as the faraway places they derive from. The newest Henry Mercer hardware collection invites you into the imaginarium that is Sibella Court’s world and allures you to bring a little piece of wonder into your own space.


Henry Mercer was an anthropologist and collector of pre-industrial hand tools. His 6 storey museum houses an index of historical research into materials & objects as interesting and diverse as the characters who no doubt made them.

The Society inc’s upcoming hardware collection, named after Dr. Henry Mercer, is a nod to the time honoured crafts, tools & objects that he sought to preserve.As history is undeniably embedded amongst the objects lining the shelves of Sibella’s archive. It was a natural instinct to use someone who possessed the same passion and undying curiosity for historical crafts, objects & tools as a centerpoint & muse for the collection. Watch this space for information on release dates coming soon.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 28, 2019

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