Location: 354 Bourke St, Surry Hills

I was given 4 days to turn this place around. The bones were fantastic & previously designed by Thomas Jacobsen- although through neglect, there now existed a cold, badly lit, unloved interior.

Inside we took out an existing banquette & glass doors and outside removed large metal circular seating that was austere & cold.

Considering the time frame, I had to order furniture that was in stock & ready for immediate delivery, which was tricky. For the exterior, we removed a large portion of the existing furniture & added low-slung cushioned seating & vintage garden furniture which was all painted a neutral charcoal. Large communal tables are paired with a mix of green Tolix chairs, slated white metal chairs and caramel safari-style director’s chairs. This would be a high traffic area (although we did not anticipate the instant success that it was!!) so this had to be taken into consideration.

Daniel Baffsky’s skills were employed for planting. We ordered enormous oversized pots as well as a plethora of various sized pots for a-mass of planting. Plants included large lilly-pillies, limes, figs, geraniums & monstera amongst many others.

In the front bar, we added floor lamps, potted greenery & vintage lamps both on & behind the bar and additional seating with Thonet high tables and bentwood stools as well as rearranging the furniture.

For the transitional thoroughfare from back to front, I added a long rectangular metal table with a higher industrial round table that was largely covered in potted greenery and chairs to be used as seating & display.

In the original ‘restaurant area’, tables were replaced with a mix of industrial & rough turned leg both in round & rectangular, and all tabletops were replaced with wood. The existing display cabinet was converted into a green growing cabinet of glass & plants. We encourage people to eat wherever they like in the pub, so low slung furniture was placed on the far side of the cabinet to invite different areas for different experiences both inside & outside.

Written by Amber TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

Warehouse 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters 2044
Monday - Friday 10am-4pm