Glass domes
Even the most humble of objects can become a centrepiece with a little help from a glass dome. These marvels of glass-mastery are the perfect match for my desire to elevate the everyday and find new ways to organise my rambling collection and the sub collections that fall within it. The early uses for these pieces were actually outdoors, in order to create a miniature greenhouse around plants. Who can resist a greenhouse, no matter the size? These domes also give me a new treasure to hunt for when I want to up my glass collection, as the up-ended vessels are just another form of translucent beauty. If you want to add to your own collection, why not shop my range of domes here?

The Alphabet Of Objects
A is for…       B is for…
C is for…       D is for…
E is for…       F is for…

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 24, 2019

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