Who can resist stopping in at a little cafe and perusing the brunch menu? I especially love when the presentation of the menu itself is given a thought. The simplicity of a clipboard menu toes the line between practical and Parisian. I love the simplicity of the clipboard’s shape and find it a humble & honest approach to the art of menu presentation. But then being a list-maker, I also can’t go past a clipboard to add a more sturdy and business-like framework to my many lists. If the list is on the clipboard, it’s hard to ignore it. My Tincture clipboard was created precisely for these purposes, but with the added bonus of being made with a zinc finish. I find it a fantastic help in staying organised, or noting down the specials of the day.

The Alphabet Of Objects
A is for…       B is for…

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 24, 2019

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