If you can think of a purpose for a brush, I probably own the piece created for it. Of course the humble paint brush (in all shapes, thicknesses and sizes) is a mainstay of my collection of curiosities, but I love the utilitarian appeal of a stiff-bristled number that will get your flagstones sparkling – as long as you provide the elbow grease. Paintbrushes themselves are incredible remnants of the past. As you can imagine, the perfectionist artist would always be hunting for a unique way to apply paint to canvas, which leads to all sorts of weird & wonderful brushes. They are impossible to resist. You can find specialised and handmade ones of animal fur, feathers, bamboo, wood and other lovely materials. And the reason they live to tell the tale is the level of care that painters, signwriters and barbers take of their real-bristle brushes, treating them with respect so they last a lifetime. The more hardworking brushes of the past tell an altogether different tale. It’s likely that the bristled brushes used for cleaning would be worked down to a nub, so you’re not likely to find them at an antique store. That’s why I chose to re-create the Scullery Brush. In its heyday, this type of brush would have been appreciated for its purpose, but now I see it as a thing of beauty, too.

You can pick up your own Scullery Brush here.


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Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 24, 2019

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