Mother Nature is a talented creative. I always champion looking to nature for inspiration for design & interiors and the more you research the backstory of so many pillars of contemporary design, you’ll see the influence of the natural world. Glass is one of these elements. Naturally occuring glass was used by early peoples as tools in such places as Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, though use for decorative purposes came about a little later than that. And while I seek out glass pieces – namely, the tiny bottles and vessels that I can categorise my rambling collections in – I’m interested in it here for its use for window panes. Fast forward quite a few years from our quick look at early peoples, and glass in window panes becomes a huge focus. Natural light begins to find its way into more and more interiors, and we all know just how much a stream of the sun’s rays can do to transform a space. Glass is incredible for its ability to change properties and its malleability while hot and brittleness when cold, but the way it becomes a vehicle for the sun is my personal favourite.

The Alphabet Of Materials
A is for…      B is for…
C is for…      D is for…
E is for         F is for…

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 24, 2019

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