Like many things that have roots in ancient time, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where or how felt came about. Whether it’s the age-old debate of what came first, spaghetti or noodles, or many of the other materials in this alphabet, felt has a history that could have begun in more than one location. Evidence links it to Turkey, Siberia and Asia, and there a few biblical references as part of the backstory, too. But where it all began is not so much a big concern for me. I’m more interested in the feel of those matted fibres and the range of colours on offer. When I will build my ultimate yurt, I’d like felts from all over the world in a range of tones, please. The material, made mostly from wool and other animal hairs brought together with friction, is sure to keep me warm and look fantastic at the same time.

The Alphabet Of Materials
A is for…      B is for…
C is for…      D is for…
E is for

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 24, 2019

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