It all started with a problem. People wanted to stop that metallic taste or rust getting into the food they prepared with heavy cast iron pots, and happily the practice of enamelling these utensils sprang forward as a solution. Well, this is actually the story of enamel cookware, or enamelware, as I’m sure we all know that the history of using enamel as a decorative and practical material dates way further back than Germany circa 1700s. But not only did this solution cover off the practicalities of high standards of food preparation, but now the look of enamelled cookware has left quite a legacy. I love the smooth, cool surfaces of these pieces from everything to cooking pots & pans to the carafe you see above. I’m always on the look out for such pieces, and have been known to be partial to a marbelled design. I love this about these little known histories, that what often began out of pure necessity, becomes something of beauty.

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Written by Amber TSI Byron — October 24, 2019

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