The silvery trunks of birch trees are bewitchingly beautiful. The ghostly quality makes them a prized material that brings a rough-hewn touch to timber furniture. But taking a look at the history of this material reveals its versatility and slightly magical qualities. The bark alone has some incredible applications; soak in water and then apply to a broken arm as a cast, Native Americans frequently stripped it from trees to make canoes and wigwams, ground bark fermented in seawater was used to season the linen sails and hemp rope of Norwegian ships. The timber itself is prized for its beauty and is used in lots of ornamental woodwork, though its ability to burn slowly is another reason it’s valued so highly. I love this birch bedframe, as it invites such texture and celebrates the natural beauty of the tree, without much alteration. Taking a look at it and you can almost feel yourself in the silver avenues of a serene birch forest…

The Alphabet Of Materials
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Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 24, 2019

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