The Sugarloaf Point lighthouse is made up of a scattering of white washed cottages,manicured lawns & picketed fences huddled at the base (connected by a VERY steep path) of the majestic 1875 built lighthouse.

Last year I installed my version of a lighthouse keepers quarters, made of paper & cardboard in the Anthropologie gallery at the Rockefeller centre in NYC (check out Man Shops Globe in collaborations for more info). Although it was more imagination than fact, I loved seeing the circular cramped quarters of a real one!

We were fortuitous enough to access the lighthouse whilst work was being done on the light. Widows walks on the exterior & interior- it offered a spectacular view from Crowdy Head to Hawks Nest on a perfect autumn morning.

There was talk of ‘Mark’ who seems quite the character-  he archives & collects the lighthouse paraphernalia that is displayed in the cottages & generator room, and travels Australia. His collections can be seen in these pictures I took (it is rumoured that many lighthouse keepers went quite batty from isolation & exposure to mercury! Mark is said to be often found of a sunrise playing his sax in the nude).

Although I did not witness any sea creatures, I am promised there are daily schools of dolphins, whales migrating north to south in season, fairy penguins & seals on occasion.

The lighthouse is surrounded by piratical cragginess that have snared a few ships (they are named ‘Seal Rocks’ & a second set named ‘Sawtooth’), although the magic lights, with 7 seconds between each beam, attempt to avoid any danger.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 28, 2019

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