Front door & gate post | Make sure the mailman has the right address with your street number boldly & proudly affixed to the door or better yet, along a post of your picket fence.

Drawers | Add a bit of character to deep set drawers by giving each one a number. And who cares if they aren’t even in order? Pick a sequence of your favourite numerals and away you go.

Stair risers | I loved to label the risers on the set of stairs at my old Paddington terrace, just to break up the climb. It makes the ascent a little more exciting.

Café table numbers | After a hospitality solution to keep track of your bills & tables? Affix numbers in a corner of the table top for a not-so-average & tactile alternative to a number stand.

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Written by Amber TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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