Mozzie Coil Holder | This is the ultimate mosquito coil accessory, because there’s no reason why you can’t beautify a simple and mundane vessel like a coil burner. Rather than burning coils on the table, the Bibelot can be fixed to a wall with one of our decorative nails. Be sure to use the natural, sandalwood based mozzie coils that don’t contain any nasties.

Trinket Catcher | The Bibelot Holder could just as easily be used as a catcher & keeper of its namesake (bibelot being a term for small decorative ornaments) – bangles, trinkets & other jewellery could be stored in its confines, whether it be attached to the inside of your wardrobe door or on the back of the bathroom door to store jewellery before you hop in the shower.

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Bibelot Holder

Bibelot Holder


Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 25, 2019

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