1. Art Venue – Sick of hanging beautiful works from ugly Phillips head nails or plastic hooks? Can’t find a nice looking nail that is practical & good looking? Let me introduce to you our Merchant Nails & Tinker Nail! These good-looking, hand-tinkered & smithed nails are perfect for an art gallery space. Hang any kind of artwork, large or small & select from small, large or the giant tinker nail.  These nails are super sturdy & can hold heavier pieces, too.

2. Shop Display – Our nails are perfect for any retail space. Use these in a fashion boutique to display your precious jewellery & textiles. Hang your beautiful coathangers from these to showcase a statement piece! These can also be used in a homewares store to display a range of products. Pair it with our Napier Hanger or Trouvé Clip for further options. We use ours to display cuttlefish necklaces, wooden beads, mirrors & more.

3. The good-looking handy man – Gone are the days of ugly screws & nails. We wouldn’t go to site without a bag of our Merchant Nails. You can use them for anything & everything at home, in your shop or restaurant. Drill these into the walls above your desk to hang scissors, clips & pins. Use it in your restaurant under the bar as a hook to hang handbags or along a wall for hanging menus.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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