Step into my interiors and you’ll quickly realise the value I place on hardware. It’s given a pedestal that’s slightly foreign to its usual application. My new Henry Mercer collection of hardware let me revel in design. Choosing the key pieces I loved to bring new life to and place them firmly into a styling vernacular. I envisage these pieces as a clear meeting of form and function, so I’m offering up some ideas for styling with them.

Let’s start with the Wright G-Clamp.

1. Desk tool – Our Wright G-Clamp is the perfect tool for a busy worker. Clamp it to your desk to secure all of your paper ephemera; notes, letters, business cards & more. Alternatively, use it to secure a piece of fabric or table cloth to an old boring tabletop – it will hold it in place securely & immediately increase aesthetic appeal of a previously bland old work bench.

2. Hanging Mechanism – This G-Clamp is the perfect tool for hanging. Secure it to a shelf edge or picture rail & pair it with one of our cage lights, a cloth covered cord and a vintage LED bulb & you’re set! It’s also perfect for hanging artwork – suspend rope from the g-clamp & attach it to the back of your artwork. It’s great in a retail space to display pictures & cards of all sorts OR use it to hold down signage on those breezy days.

3. Kitchen Hardware – This piece can also be handy in the kitchen to hang tea towels, wash cloths, utensils, you name it. Lock it to a timber shelf edge (held up by our Panhandler Bracket) & hang from the handle lever. It’s a much nicer way to display things, especially in a hospitality venue which has an open kitchen that the public can see.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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