1. Art Studio – If you work in any type of studio you need one of our Chandler Racks! It has 5 hooks attached for easy hanging. Pop it in an artist’s studio & use it to display & store your paintbrushes, scissors, artist’s cloths & canvas bags filled with paints. If you’re a woodworker or blacksmith use it for all your tools – it’s easily accessible & looks awesome.

2. Kitchen Hardware – These also work well in kitchens at home or in restaurants. Hang all of your pots, pans & utensils from existing hooks. If you run out of space do not fear, we have S-hooks available, which sit pretty on the Chandler Rack, allowing you to maximise your hanging!

3. Bathroom Display – I couldn’t live without this hanger in my bathroom at home. I use it to hang all of my Turkish towels & hand towels as well as loofahs, special trinkets that can’t be worn in the shower and even wet swimmers after a day at the beach. If you’re drilling into tiles make sure you use the special tile drill bit & a plug, easily found at your local hardware store – all screws are supplied with our hardware.

Buy your own Chandler Rack here.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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