They’re those spaces that are often overlooked when you’re pulling together your home’s scheme; the hallways, doorways and places that are quickly moved through, but adding a bit of styling flair to these zones can round out the overarching feel of your home.


I added a vintage coat hook to this doorframe. I was attracted to not only the sculptural form of the hook but the possibility of layering. Sitting well above head-hitting height, the hook affords a spot to drape a collection of textiles, creating a feature in a space that would normally be passed over.


This quiet vignette sits behind the door. It’s simply styled with lo-fi pieces, and the beauty of this nook is all about the element of surprise that awaits the unsuspecting guest walking into the room. It’s these little details that invite a sense of fun to your interiors.


A staircase is thought of more as a segue rather than an opportunity for styling, which is exactly why it’s so fun to add a bit of flair. This image speaks for itself – the rope banister, the red-painted stairs and the graduation of 3D pieces that follow the rise of the staircase. The wall is even treated to a mural, showcasing the ease with which you can bring life to dead space.


This spot is no doubt slightly awkward. The odd angle of the wall and the proximity to the window challenges your instincts for styling, but rather than bemoan the atypical set up and hope to arrange your room to mask it, set that zone as your hero feature and celebrate the unique detail.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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