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Colo Forge | The Alchemy Station structure featuring curved zinc panelling, steel frame and brass mechanisms

Noelle Rigaudie | Cardboard columns & crows nest

Raffles Textiles | Curtain in La Rochelle linen (Pewter)

Tigger Hall | Curtain in Nine Muses Greek Plate, Charcoal 2

Stuart Pinkerton | Sculptors table

Sennheiser | Momentum 2.0 headphones (read more about the Soundscape here)

Seasonal Concepts | Assorted vintage props & pigments

The Classic Family | PVC down pipe

Teranova Tiles | Carrara tiles designed by Sibella Court

Fossil Vintage | Vintage table 

Duckfat | Light cord set

Carpenters Daughter | Carpenter Apron

The Society inc | Shield Mirror, Petrel Chain and Mercer Bag


Other zones:

The Bar

The Frippery

The Bed

The Curiosity Wall



Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 28, 2019

Warehouse 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters 2044
Monday - Saturday 10am-4pm