Clips are an essential in my stylist’s toolkit, and have such a plethora of uses in the home and office: organising an assortment of papers, clipping a vintage light cage to a chair, or pinning back your curtains… their uses are really quite limitless with a bit of imagination. In its basic binder form, the clip began in Washington DC, 1910 and was dreamed up by Louis E. Baltzley in an effort to assist his writer father tame mountains of documents. Previously manuscripts were hole-punched and hand stitched together, which made it very inconvenient to remove one page at a time.

One of my favourite clips from my hardware range is the Trouvé clip, forged in India and made in the honest materials of brass and zinc. Paired together with a hand beaten nail or a good length of rope, it becomes a perfect companion for hanging light cords or pictures.

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Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 24, 2019

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