Versatile and durable, cane can be worked into the most marvellous creations whether it be furniture, vessels or other crafted trinkets. Like a lot of the histories of the uses of plant materials, it’s hard to know exactly when it first began to emerge but there are many examples of cane work from ancient and of course more modern cultures.

With its flexibility it was shaped into beautifully patterned Native American baskets of all shapes and sizes. With its strength, paired with beaten iron to form a sturdy Tibetan shield. With its durability, filled fashionable French and Dutch homes of the seventeenth century as hard-wearing yet stylish furniture.

I have long loved cane furniture and the soft, natural and comfortable look that it can bring to an interior. I am quite partial to a woven-backed Thonet chair or of late I am coveting a set of Drucker rattan dining chairs.

But at the moment it is cane in its finer and intricate woven form that has captured my attention, so much so that I sought out the skilled cane weavers of India to work their magic on several pieces of my hardware collection. The simple pairing of cane and blackened steel on the Alchemy Hook and Seaport Bottle Opener creates a beautiful contrast, and the meticulous weave on the Trader Drawer Pull makes top layering just that extra bit special.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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