You don’t have to shout to make a style statement. Here are four ideas for soft flourishes that add interest in a humble way.


Connect the dots
A garland easily constructed using oversized plastic dots stapled together demonstrates the impact of transient, inexpensive decoration.


New leaf
A map/journal I found at a second-hand bookstore is colour photocopied and tacked on the wall. This could be divine for a celebration, or because you like it, semi-permanent or just for the day.

Reach for the stars
Brown sticky tape should be part of everyone’s styling toolkit, as it allows for instant installations, such as this star fashioned from ribbon, while the tape itself has its own humble beauty.

Styling- Sibella Court Photography- Chris CourtEtcetera0020
Improvisation can offer both low-budget and remarkable options for designing a room. In this loose interpretation of a wardrobe, clothes are hung on the back of an unused door left leaning against the wall. The wide steps of the ladder provide shelving, while the narrower rungs can be used for draping jewellery, scarves and other accessories.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 30, 2019

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