When you’re hoping to soften hard details and make an interior scheme feel extra inviting, adding texture via layering is so important. Here are some of my tips to layer your look:

A string runner, made using extra-thick knitting needles to make it extra hole-y, has an intense and raw beauty to it that works beautifully with the more refined pieces around it. Before you make your next interior purchase, close your eyes and touch it. Consider its weight, texture, shape and size and match it with the opposite.

A masterclass in layering textures. I love how Timberyard in Scotland weaves in so many different tactile elements. From the timber panelling, to the velvet sofa with linen-bound books beside it, this space is made for comfort. Add in the cushion/rug combo and the single antlers shed by their original owners and you have so many jumping-off points to draw more texture into your spaces.

How could we discuss texture and not cover the home of textiles, India? The tradition is just so rich with inspiration that you leave this country and want to bring home fabric after fabric by the ream. Here you can see how soft and inviting this bedroom becomes with layer after layer of textiles added. Now of course, to re-create this at home may take it a little far, but that’s not to say that you can’t follow in the footsteps of master drapers and layer with confidence after seeing this room.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 24, 2019

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