I have mentioned my total dislike of downlights before, so I thought I’d share some alternatives that I often use in my spaces. I do not like to be in a spotlight, blinded by misdirected lighting. Everyone looks fabulous in soft ambient lighting, so why not make a prettier & happier world?


I have picked up old & new lights the world over and love the immediacy of clipping them onto a chair, or hanging where I want them to hang. Note: Don’t be deterred by different voltages, make friends with an electrician who can MacGyver them to suit your country code.


This old lampshade has been customised with a bedtime phrase, but you could pen a nursery rhyme, poem or favourite saying.


Don’t feel like you must stick to the classic lamp beside your bed. A hanging pendant makes a sculptural feature and also keeps your table clear for books, spectacles and glass of water.


The light above your dining table takes centrestage. I love how this take on a candelabra acts as a crown to the central entertaining zone and adds a sense of occasion.


An old brass light switch found at a salvage shop makes an interesting change from the modern, mass-produced version.

Think outside of the box when it comes to your home’s lighting and make sure you give your lights more responsibility than simply function.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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