This must be one of the most considered curations I have ever experienced.

It has all the things I admire in an interior: a sense of humour, artisan-made functional pieces, custom joinery & hardware, a refined colour palette, attention to detail, consideration of the vista, a mix of old & new in furniture & art, the use of superior materials & the interaction of a space welcoming the visitor to be an integral part of the space & journey.

Each room is dedicated to a salon: trophy birds, dog, owl, wolf & stag etc. The consideration & ‘theme’ of each room is clever & sophisticated in its aesthetic, history & humour. There are subtle references everywhere and the clipboard (that sounds pedestrian- this clipboard was accented with the most beautiful brass hardware & illustrations) reveals some, however, it is up to you to work out many of the clues. I am sure the more times you visit, the more detail you notice & the more that is revealed. Here all your senses are heightened: sound, sight, touch..maybe not scent! Perhaps that’s one for the suggestions box.

My favourite room is The Stag & Wolf Salon, with its pickled oak floors & panelled walls, brass antler installation dagger-like on the panelled ceiling, a huge antlered stag casually standing in the corner, tapestries lining the walls & two modern B&B Italia-esque blue wool, very square sofas sitting opposite one another, complete with coffee table & floor lamps- so very residential.

It is of course, the hunting and nature museum where guns & swords are very much a large part of the installation & sit comfortably beside a menagerie of mounted animals: polar & grizzly bears, wild boars, sleeping foxes, tigers & lions.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

Warehouse 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters 2044
Monday - Saturday 10am-4pm