Describe your studio.
A big ugly brick building slowly being camouflaged by plants.

Favourite tool?
Felco secateurs – they were given to me by my mum when I first started studying landscape design and are one of my most treasured possessions.

Go to plant?
Impossible! I have about 100 go-to plants, but even then, the list changes weekly. Currently I’m into dragon fruit as there’s a huge, wild one at my house on the Hawkesbury River and I’m really enjoying it.

A scent that transports you?
The scent of rain on freshly ploughed paddocks. Takes me right back to my childhood. Same goes for the scent of horses.

Latest book purchase?
The Timber Press Guide to Succulents of the World. A bit dorky but an awesome reference book!

Spring AND Autumn. I can never decide.

Plant name that makes you smile?
Dracula diabola – it’s a lovely, delicate little orchid with the most devilish name!

Holiday destination?
Argentina. | @theplanthunter |  Sign up for newsletters & going on’s.

The Society inc Newspaper Edition 3

The Society inc Newspaper Edition 3


Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 25, 2019

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