Describe your work space.
Dickens meets Grandma’s kitchen and Grandpa’s Garden Shed… with a twist!

Most treasured object?
An ancient Agate Bead believed to be over 3000 years old. It called to me from an Op Shop in Sydney in the mid 90s and I wear it most days.

My collection of Australian Birds Eggs that was collected from 1890 to 1910 by a wealthy businessman at the time. I have all the note books listing the location and dates that each of the eggs were collected.

Holiday destination?
Namibia! I can never get enough of the landscape, animals and funky botanicals.

Kate Bergin!  I love her still life composition with animals, birds and objects on table tops! Perhaps how I see the dining table in my dream home!

Childhood scent?
On ice cold morning in early spring… the waft of daphne by the back door!

Way too hard! I enjoy the celebrations of all that in new with the arrival and end of each season.

Preferred mode of transport?
Walking! To be able to suck in every sensory detail and stop at will!

Secret skill?
Knitting! I was taught to knit when I was about 5! Part of the process of making yourself self-sufficient in the country. I still knit and it’s a great form of relaxation!

Time in history?
The age of discovery! Darwin! I want so bad to be on the Beagle!

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Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 25, 2019

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