Beth Gregory Q & A with Sibella

Describe the space/studio

Natural light with plants.

Favourite medium?

Graphite Pencil – it feels like an extension of myself and a way to apply ideas. It’s malleable and forgiving but can give tone and depth to ideas.

Latest book purchase?

From the local top shop a collection of loved books from different eras.

Greatest tool?

Books – I like the relationship between the author and the reader. It feels personal and intimate. I also like books for how versatile they are. I store my ideas in a sketch book.

Favourite Colour?

Rifle green.

Go-to subject matter?

Plants and anything to do with the wilderness.

Best holiday?

Japan – Nikko.

Finding inspiration?

Nature, surrounding and other people’s stories.  | @bethemily

Written by Amber TSI Byron — October 28, 2019

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