Describe your studio/work space
Very dusty! When we cut our marshmallows there is a lot of cornflour and icing sugar flying around and covering everything

Go-to ingredient?
Anything freeze dried…or summery at the moment, lychee syrup is on the hit list

Fav season?
Festive!! Bring it on.

Packaging, we love chic modern packaging and amazing branding so I have a stash, I also love sampling what’s inside!

Best invention?
Guitar cutter, our dream addition to our studio, cuts a tray of marshmallows in one foul swoop..

Most treasured object?
My daughter Eva Rae

Secret skill?
Fake it till you make it…

Museum, shop, movie you love?
Captain Fantastic was pretty good recently, I love a good movie.. and the MCA in Sydney is always inspirational.

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Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 25, 2019

Warehouse 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters 2044
Monday - Saturday 10am-4pm