One of my top five favourite things in life, is still-life.

My whole life is a still-life. A visual feast of considered chaos. It might be moving and changing constantly but I see it all in still-life.

That love extends to paintings. And now I have my Canon 5d with a brand news lens and my bribery flowers from Sheree, I have been so embracing taking my own pictures recently!! The love of still-life paintings though, is old. I stumbled upon a Caravaggio exhibition in Florence and fell for his food still-lives. Full of game, fruit de mare, and fruit & vegetables (I’m not so much into his flowers- I like my own better). His La natura morta are rich & moody paintings unlike the muted palette that painter Morandi chooses. Morandi’s eye is like that of a photographer, but his technique in capturing different angles are much more time-consuming! Most photographers and stylists stumble across and fall in love with Morandi at some point.

My brother/photographer Chris and I went to a big exhibition at the MET years ago. It was his first introduction.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 28, 2019

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