Painting a rug on the floor is a dramatic and unexpected way to transform your space. Begin by choosing a graphic print or finding a pattern to copy and either draw it on the ground freehand or transfer it using a stencil (ask the local office supply or printing store about their large-format printing options). Paint using a semi-gloss or similar durable paint. As the paint wears and weathers, the pattern becomes even more appealing and when you tire of it, you can simply start again. Also, consider an alternative to a feature wall and paint the lower half only. The paint should come to waist level in a similar fashion to wainscoting.

Set yourself the task of bringing a new order to your shelves. Find a common theme or colourway that will give practical storage its own story, and add an eye-catching detail to your home.

Rethink the notion of what “should” sit inside a frame. Scout out your local second-hand shop for frames and then assemble some of your treasured mementos. If you adjust your perspective and move favourite objects inside, the display will be totally unique to your home.

Create your own assembled wallpaper. Head to your local library and seek out images that speak to you. I’d personally head to the atlas section, or see what they have in the way of naval chronicles. Next stop would be a copy shop or the library’s copier so you can print your pages. Then simply arrange them on your walls as you see fit.

Enjoy your weekend.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 28, 2019

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