We all want to hold onto the that blissful feeling of a holiday and bring a little of the magic home. Here are the ways I hold onto the inspiration from an adventure:

  1. Every time I travel, I really, really want something. Whether you are hunting for a specific piece of memorabilia (in India, I was on the lookout for overscaled formal photographs of mostly men, lots of them sporting magnificent moustaches), a certain location, or just your mode of transport, having a purpose of point on the map guiding you adds an (extra) element of fun.
  2. When you are travelling, take note of what’s around you – don’t set out to find, but to discover. I take lots of photos and many notes that are edited into my stories. I often find that sitting down at the end of the day in a generous communal courtyard, perhaps with a G&T, is a fine time to jot down the day’s adventures. In fact, I’ve often picked up inspiration for the next one’s thanks to fellow guests who fancied a chat.
  3. Don’t discount the benefits of travelling solo. I travel with many different companions, as well as on my own. I like that this can determine the structure of a journey. I embrace the “constraints” that come with travelling with different people, and often the person or people I travel with will each put a different spin on a jaunt. That said, when I’m by myself, I follow my own agenda: usually a jam-packed itinerary of historical houses, markets, cafes & bars, walking, shopping artists’ studios, collections, trades & makers, loosely structures around early starts, writing & editing the day’s photos.
  4. Do your research. I am a great gatherer of information – it must be my love of history kicking in again. I know all the new technologies, applications and social media platforms might not hold the romance of slow travel to far-flung places from another time, but use what you need to help you store & gather information you find, in order to have the travels you dream of.


When you come back from your travels, you can always collate your notes and findings in such a way that helps you to relive the magic and wonder. For me, I found that all the rich travel material just had to be collated into books, which lead to the creation of Nomad and Gypsy.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 24, 2019

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