Our 2011 adventures are drawing to a close.

It’s been an exciting year with two books being released (!!): The Stylist’s Guide to NYC and Nomad: bringing your travels home, super fun workshops, creating cool spaces: El Loco, Beresford Upstairs, 30 Knots, my first gallery exhibition: Souvenirs of Etcetera, lots of media & Q&A’s (5000 according to Leah), a global book tour & launch, researching & shooting for the next book, Hannah taste testing every high energy, high sugar drink you could imagine, globetrotting: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, the States, Paris, Venice, India, the Netherlands & more none of us can remember and all the things we fit in between.

The team at The Society inc. just want to say thank you.

Thanks for all your support. Thanks for coming in, coming to our events, not unsubscribing with the end of year newsletter & event flood (sometimes we get excited) & all your lovely feedback.

We promise the new year will be even more exciting!! We can’t wait to see you after the holidays & hear about all your adventures.

The shop will close tomorrow (Sat 24) at 5pm, both at Paddington & online. We look forward to seeing you in the new year from Jan 23rd! Hours 11am – 5pm/ Wed – Sat as usual.


Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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